Walter Trail, a race dedicated to Katharine Switzer and all the brave women who tear down prejudice and welcome everyone, regardless of gender.
The trail is circular 16 km long, with 710 meters height difference. On a course that the Skakakvac Trail team can prepare, you will truly enjoy relaxing all your senses. You will run through beautiful landscapes of unspoiled nature, thus learning what connects us to the mountain and giving it a sense of being.
Everyone who is afraid to try running in nature will feel the magic of trail running, as they can gather to enjoy the beautiful landscape.
Walter is back and invites you to break our prejudices.
Welcome to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Valter Trail

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distanca 15,819.00 m
  • Vrijeme 3 h 57 min
  • Brzina 4.0 km/h
  • Min. nadmorska visina 0 m
  • Max. nadmorska visina 0 m
  • Uspon 1017 m
  • Spust 1016 m